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Happy Endings!

This page is dedicated to all of the JSAC alumni that have found their new home! Owners can post a picture and a story about their new friend to show viewers that these pets are very happy to be in their new home.

Click the link to see a list of our Recently ADOPTED Pets.

Please do not call or e-mail the shelter about these animals, they have already found new homes. If you are interested in adopting a pet, please visit our Animals for Adoption page


To see more of our Happy Ending stories please visit our Facebook page!



Adopted August 2015 - Nala (Angelica)


Nala has been such a blessing in our lives! She is more like a dog; playing fetch, greeting us at the door, and following us around everywhere we go! We could not have imagined a more lovable, cuddly, and playful little girl with such an adorable personality! Thank you Jersey Shore Animal Shelter!



Adopted October 2002 - Daisy

We moved to Florida in early 2004 and Daisy is still thriving and enjoys her life in Cape Coral. She will be 14 in early 2016. Daisy is the social butterfly of the neighborhood and enjoys many canine friends. She also loves company and family visits/get-togethers. Hello to all our friends at Jersey Shore Animal Center and thank you for matching us up.


Adopted September 2015 - Ginger (aka Libby)

Taking only 3 days to become completely comfortable in her new home, Ginger has already brought a new sense of joy, fun and love into her new forever home.


Adopted February 2015 - Bailey

Adopting Bailey has been one of the greatest joys of my life! She is such an incredible pup and has made my family so happy.

Adopted August 2015 - Sadie (aka Minnie)

Sadie is a very happy puppy. Running in the yard and saying I am free no more cages. At night she sits and watches tv. Sadie and my Yellow Lab Bo became instant friends

Adopted June 2015 - Bandito

Hey Jersey Shore Animal Center It has been almost been two months since I got adopted and I’m loving my new home and family. They have this one room with a large bed in it for me. I spend most of my afternoon lying in this bed; however my mom and dad get into it at night. My two brothers love playing with me, the older one is a teenager who sleeps all morning. So I’m able to jump in his bed every morning and lick his face until he gets up to take me for a walk or play ball in the back yard. My younger brother loves sitting on the couch with me watching Dog & a Blog and he gives me these great dog snacks. My dad takes me for a car almost every day and I love sticking my head out his window. They even stop crating me because I haven’t made a mess on the floor or got into any kind of trouble. Can you let Brook, Brownie, Duke, Shadow and that hot looking Gemma know that I miss them and I will continue to write. Love Bandito


 Adopted July 2015 - Brad

PICTURES TO COME... I adopted Brad on 7/7, actually 2 weeks later Brad now owns my home, I've lost the use of my recliner, couch , and bed, with great joy, he's a lover and a treasure to have here in my home, I took him to the vet and he's lost almost a lb., since adoption. Dr would like to see him down to about 17-18 lbs, and also he's in good shape, and again TY for Brad, we're getting along great, I will upload a pic or two, in the future, John


 Adopted June 2015 - Buster and Skippy


Thank you so much! Daisy and Skippy know this is their home now. So many new things to investigate in the back yard. Squirrels and birds in the trees and a toad they almost caught! Mom and Dad didn't let them get the toad. Daisy is the little princess. Skippy is the little goofy guy, still learning his manners. Both learning new things and sweet as could be.


Adopted June 2015 - Buster

We just adopted Buster and he's wonderful and fits right in like he's been part of the family forever. We already had him groomed and to the vet for his full check up and he is just one happy dog. Our other dog Molly is a little jealous but over time they should become best friends. We will be bringing him in really soon to visit all the great people that took care of him at JASC.


Adopted June 2015 "Indiana Bones "Indy"" (Inky)

 Indy has quickly become a beloved member of our family, fitting in with our grown son, my husband & I & our 19 month old Chihuahua, Tootzie Roll who helped us teach him how to climb stairs in 48 hours & chew rawhide. The 2 of them play like rambunctious puppies or cuddle together & have become very affectionate. All of us have learned how to walk & play with 2 dogs, at the same time which was challenging. He is truly housebroken! Thank you so much!


Adopted May 2015 "Lacey"








 Hi I adopted Lacey last month , she has been very good and settled in right away, she is very affectionate and good in the house and with other people. She must remember being in a house as the dishwasher, dryer, etc. don't seem to phase her. Maybe the stairs in the house will help her to loose a few pounds, she weigh in at 17lbs. at the vet!



Adopted March 2015 "Rosie"

I lost my Persian, Dusty after 18 years, just before Thanksgiving due to old age and severe arthritis. A "cat person" like me, just can't accept an empty house without a kitty to hold, talk to, pet, and love. Jersey Shore Animal Center found Rosie needing a home after her "owner" (caregiver, more appropriately) got very sick. I am delighted to give her a new home and all the loving attention she wants and needs! She's settling in very nicely indeed.



 Adopted October 2014 "Brave Sir Robin" (Zazzles)

I adopted Zazzles in October. JSAC said he would be a great pet. They were right! Brave Sir Robin is my best buddy!



Adopted October 2014 "Missy" ("Stephanie")

Missy has brought so much happiness into our lives. She is all settled in and enjoys chasing our other cat around the house. Missy sleeps with me every night and she wouldn't have it any other way. When Missy wants to get your attention, she will jump up on your legs as she doesn't have a voice to meow. She can only let out little squeaks. I couldn't imagine our lives without this beautiful little girl. I am thankful that she chose us for her forever family!


Adopted August 2014 "Mia" ("Tumia")


Mia was adopted by our family on August 23, 2014. She was the only thing Erica wanted for her birthday, and she has turned out to be the BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER! Mia is so adorable and affectionate, not to mention beautiful that we have all totally fallen in love with her; even our old cranky cat, Frankie, loves her. She takes turns sleeping on each of us every night, and loves playing fetch with her toys or just running around the house! She doesn't meow very loudly, just makes cute little squeaking noises. We'll be celebrating her first birthday soon, on May 9th. We are so happy to have her in our family!


 Adopted March 2015 "Cleo"

After searching area shelters for almost a year, we met the most darling soul in a dog-body named Cleo and knew immediately that we were her forever family. Sweet, loveable and playful, she has won our hearts and is our toddler's new best buddy. We cannot thank Natalie and the rest of the staff and volunteers at JSAC enough. Our girl is finally home.



Adopted February 2015 "Murphy" ("Neptune")


Murphy has been a joy since the day we brought him home. We're so happy to have him join our family. He's funny, very athletic & super curious, which makes each new day another adventure for all of us. He loves to climb & thinks there's nothing better in life than sleeping in a warm spot, whether it's on the DVR box or in his bed in the sun. Everyone that's met him is amazed how friendly & handsome he is, he's just an all around great cat. It took just a couple of days for us to fall in love with him. Thanks JSAC for taking such good care of him while he waited for his forever home here in Point Pleasant.


Adopted February 2015 Finella 

We came to Jersey Shore Animal Shelter seeking a cat that would fit in with our family. We have a rescue cat named Rocky who needed a companion. When I first came into the shelter, it was such a hard decision that I had so much trouble making, as I wanted them all. With the help of the wonderful staff, they helped me decide on Finella. She is just PURRFECT. She is playful enough for Rocky, yet so affectionate, sweet and just a love. We are truly happy to her as one of the family.



Adopted November 2014 Sammy (Adakin)

Just want to say Hi to my shelter family and let everyone know that I appreciate you taking good care of me while I waited for my forever home. My new home is cozy and is filled with lots of love. My mom takes good care of me with lots of belly rubs, treats and toys. I wish everyone at the shelter finds their forever home. 



Adopted December 2014  Molly

Molly has already settled in to her forever home wonderfully. She is a delight to wake up to in the morning and she absolutely loves to be cuddled. She follows our other dog aka her big brother, Peyton, everywhere and always wants to play with him. He quickly taught her how to play fetch, how to play with squeaky toys, and showed her where all the good spots in the house are to sleep! Molly is a wonderful addition to our family and we wanted to thank the team at JSAC for helping us find our Molly. =] 



Adopted August 2014 Jake (Adam)

Jake (named Adam when he was at JSAC) continues to thrive as my better half. He enjoys long walks every day and especially loves the Thompson Dog Park in Jackson.




Adopted 11/2009 Aces 

My name is Brittany and I adopted Aces (pictured right, his rescue brother Spades on the left) when I was 13 years old, he was ten months. Since that delightful day when I brought him home in November 2009, he has been nothing but the absolutely best companion I have ever known. We call him the Cary Grant of dogs - have you ever seen a more handsome boy? He's looking forward to Santa and his 15th birthday in January! No words can describe how very much I love him and how much joy he has brought to every person he has met along the way. 


Adopted 7/2014 Randy (Chatterbug)

We wanted to thank you all for our new loving cat "RANDY"! He is a 2 year old grey domestic short hair. We came to get him on 4th of July weekend after recently losing our 10 year old black boy cat to cancer. Our remaining girl cat now needed a new friend. As you can see Randy (The BIG fella) is the perfect fit. They both love to play together and have become inseparable! Here they are pictured in one of their more favorite activities of swatting at water in the sink. (and they both know they aren't supposed to be up there!)Gotta love them! And we do so much! 



Adopted 12/21/13 Clarence (Tusurus)

We had lost our cat Elvis to old age and our other cat Hunter needed a companion. We came to your website and found at that time Tusurus. We filled out the adoption papers and Saturday 12/21/13 we adopted him. He fit into our home and life perfectly and as you can see by the attached picture his brother Hunter is watching over his new brother now named Clarence after the angle from our favorite movie its a Wonderful Life. 



Hello Jersey Shore Animal Center team:

I wanted to touch base to let you know that Dia, the small adult gray kitty I adopted from your Center this week is doing well in her new home. :-) See the two pictures attached. 

Pleased to report, there is kitty harmony in our home as Dia and our other three kitties are getting along perfectly. Our kitties were eager to check her out, which we allowed them to do slowly. To our surprise, the intros were short and sweet -nose to nose sniffing mostly, and curious observation. Before we knew it, each kitty wanted to keep her company. (curiosity, I assume) in the guest room where we made her comfy with her own space to adapt to her new surroundings. 

 She's still quite thin with a less than lush coat, but feel confident she will begin to thrive‎ as her stress levels decrease and she becomes more and more comfortable as she slowly peruses the house. Until then, treats and brushing her coat seem to be the best strategy for connecting with her. 

 Happy Holidays to all! 

 Best, Kara  



Adopted: 12/2014 Oakley

Oakley is truly our "one in a million" boy...he spends every waking moment snuggling and purring. His Daddy and I are amazed at how quickly he settled in to his forever home with us. Oakley will enjoy a permanent place in our hearts and in our home... We couldn't be more in love. Thank you JSAC!!!



 Adopted: 11/13/2014  Brody

Here is our sweet boy, Brody, in his new forever home. He likes to keep us company in the kitchen when we cook or snuggle on the living room floor for a movie. Brody has already settled in quite well with his kitty siblings (and they are slowly accepting him as an oddly behaved cat). He loves playing fetch, going for walks, and learning new tricks. We're so thankful to have found Brody!

Adopted 10/2014 Dylan 

my new baby Dylan is enjoying his freedom in his new large fenced in yard, where he can run and play as much as he wants even got house broken because he loves the out doors so much he is such a good boy we love him 


Adopted November 2014 Boo (Darren)

Hi, everyone! I've had a pretty exciting first day in my new home. I hissed at my big brothers a whole bunch just to show them who's boss. I looked out my first window, saw myself in a mirror, and found out there's a BIG toy box in the dining room. Oh, and I also got a new name. Mommy says it's just too confusing for her to have two Darrens in her life. And, besides, all of my brothers have their own last names. So she's calling me Boo Radley because that's from a movie that she and the other Darren love very much. And it also has something to do with Halloween. I kinda like it. I like my new home, too. Very much. Thanks, JSAC, for keeping me safe and warm until I found my fur-ever home. Love, Dar... I mean, Boo Radley. (It's a fine name!)


Adopted 10/2014 Q.T

We adopted QT on Sunday, October 12 and he has become a beloved member of our family. He has integrated himself nicely with our other pet, a dog named Simon. QT is cute as his name would suggest and playful. He loves to sit in his kitty condo we bought for him. We are so happy we adopted him!



Adopted 10/2014 Maxie

Hi,I adopted Maxie only a short time ago-he has made an impact on me already.Im going through a rough time in my life,and Maxie has brought me happiness.He is so playful,I cant help put a smile on my face every morning.No more cages-he already has the run of the whole place inside and out,and enjoys every minute of it.A few accidents here and there,but he is learning and getting better.Loves car rides and just sitting on my lap watching TV.Maxie has a forever home with me,he grew on me so much already,Thank you guys so much--I tell anyone who will listen to ADOPT a pet!!!


Adopted September 2014 Petey

Petey, (pictured left with his two big brothers) is a wonderful addition to our family. He is full of love. He enjoys playing, going on walks/runs, watching TV, getting a bath, taking rides in the car, is learning new tricks and takes turns sleeping in each family members bed. He is a 55lb lap dog, so he thinks :) Movie night here is hysterical...squeezing four people and three dogs that think they're people on one couch. WE LOVE IT! So thankful that we could give Petey a forever home! 



Adopted August 2014 Molly

We were so honored to get the chance to adopt this wonderful dog Molly. We have nothing bad to say about her. She is the most wonderfully trained, well mannered dog. We talk to her as if she is a human and we swear she understands what we are saying when we talk to her. We cannot thank you guys enough over at JSAC for giving us this opportunity! 


Adopted May 2013 Bailey (Pal)

It had been a year since we had lost our beloved Aussie mix (18 yrs old). One day, my friend and I were driving by the JSAC, and I just had an urge to go in - and there was Pal/Bailey - love at first sight. He adores everyone and is so well behaved now that when we visit my godmother at her Memory Care facility, he is Mr. Popular. He loves the beach in NJ and the park in VA. He has enormous energy so he races the waves, and then loves to lie on the couch and pretend he's a lap dog. We discovered he enjoys tv! (was glued to the PBS Penguin special). He is a beautiful, loving friend and member of my family. THANK YOU JSAC



Adopted March 2012 Louie (Ping)

I adopted Ping back in 2012 his name is Louie and I wanted to give you an update he is doing wonderful here is a updated picture of him from the one I gave you 2 years ago ..Louie loves car rides and walks and loves to play with his toys thank you again :)

Adopted: 8/20/2014 Jake (Adam)

Jake (formerly known as Adam at Jersey Shore Animal Center) is doing quite well. He's joining me for several walks a day and is proving to be a perfect companion, adding much joy to my life.


Adopted July 2014  Miss Charleston AKA 'Charlie' (Wen)

Charlie is such a wonderful addition to our family! She is enjoying many long walks everyday - many of our walks go around two lakes where she likes to visit the ducks. We also joined the Ocean County Dog park and Charlie loves to run with all the dogs there. Charlie is so sweet and gentle too so she is the perfect dog to take to visit my homebound mother. We place her on my mom's bed and Charlie snuggles next to her and gives her lots of kisses; it's the best medicine ever! We are so happy that we adopted Charlie. She is the perfect dog for us! 


August 2014 Jaydee and Jaxee (Raindrop and Carasaljo)

I walked in knowing I wanted to adopt a kitten and I instantly fell I love with these two! There both wonderful energetic kittens there a great addition to our new home!


Adopted 8/4/14  Commodore

Happy to say that Mr. Commodore is doing just wonderful adjusting to his new home and new life. He loves to run up and down the stairs, and he is always curious to sneak down into the basement to check it out. The whole house is his play ground, but when it's bed time he follows me and sleeps w me through out the whole night. He's my best friend, and my lil shadow who follows me everywhere I go. Just one more week until his cone comes off!!!! Thanks JSAC for caring for him and helping him heal, and for rescuing him so we could finally meet. He is part of the family.

Adopted 8/3/14  Trixie

Trixie came into our lives and made herself at home right away. The very first night she slept at the bottom of our bed. She is 8 years old and I thought it would take her time to acclamate. She roams around the house like she was meant to be here all along. She purrs and rolls over to have her belly rubbed all the time. We are so happy she came to us. 


Just stopping by to say hello and Zipper says "Ruff Ruff". He is doing well. He's become over protective of the family and household. Sorry to say he does not like other neighborhood dogs so he doesn't have playmates. Also he doesn't play with any toys. He just follows everyone around, loves to be held, eats everything you put in front of him and is very obedient when it comes time to go out and do his deed......


Hello from Cole. As we call him Mar-Coal Polo because he explores. Karen 


Dear Jersey Shore team,

I just want to let you know that today is 3 months that I adopted tinky, Sissy.

And I can?t imagine my life without them,

 They are my morning and nights. They are adorable.

 Adopted: March 2013 Teddy (Tigger)

Teddy was picked up as a stray in Newark, when I first saw him he was so afraid of everything but got along with other dogs. My dogs Otis and Casey liked him right away and they are one happy pack today. Teddy still has a fear of most men, but loves and listens to his mommy


Adopted: 7/16/2014 Kaylee (Zebra)


Adopted: October 2013Ollie (Homer) Homer

Hello, After super storm sandy we began looking for a puppy. The first place we wanted to look was the jersey shore animal shelter. After searching continuously on the website we came across Homer, now Oliver, and absolutely fell in love. He was such a sweet heart and opened up immediately to my girlfriend. Olive now loves playing in the backyard, playing fetch and as you can see is really apart of the family. He believes he is able to do everything that we do, including sitting in the kitchen chairs. He loves to be outside but especially loves snuggling up with mommy on the couch. He was the perfect dog for us and we are so blessed to have him in our lives. Thank you, Jersey shore animal shelter for everything you do and liking great pets with great family's. 



Our Princess of Everyone's Heart.

My sweet baby girl Princess, was adopted in 2006 from Jersey Shore Animal Center. Grandma and I walked in just as she arrived. Her name was Sadie, and due to an abusive situation, she was so very ill. JSAC was so caring and wonderful. Ryan would work while carrying her in a papoose. Mom and I came daily to relieve the staff and hold Princess in her blanket.We came at the perfect time as now our Princess Lexi was brought in a short while earlier. She was definitely Mommy's girl from the moment we laid eye on her. She was so loved and gavbbc.coe so much love in return.Princess would lead the POAC. Walk with her shirt. The children loved interacting with her as much as as she loved them. Princess was loved by the folks at Laurelton Village. She wore a different bow with her matching dress and of course, het diaper. Princess was a special guest at Riccio Pick me up benefits for families with financial medical necessities. My Princess was one Heaven sent Angel which will always be in grandma and my hearts. We love you and miss you baby girl. Thank you JSAC . She Was Princess of everything and gave everyone a joyful heart. You are now happy and healthy again playing are the Rainbow Bridge. We will meet you with all the cuddles and hugs!




Adopted: Cole

The most curious cat ever lounging in the sun. He follows me like a dog and insists on laying on me even at night. Karen 

 Adopted: 5/17/2014 Shorty

Shorty has found his forever home with his boy Liam. He loves to play fetch and herd his human friends for fun. He likes to go on walks around the neighborhood and make friends with all the humans and dogs he meets. Shorty will always remember all his friends at JSAC and will come back to visit soon.


Adopted: 5/8/2014  Hitch

When I visited the shelter in search of my new snuggle kitty Hitch was right there rubbing against my ear. He was a keeper for sure. He has made himself at home no teeth and all!!! We have become fast friends and every day is a joy with him in it!!! 



Adopted: May 2014 Skyler

Skyler is happy in her new home.


Adopted: April 2014 Sissy and Tink


Dear Jersey Shore Center, 
"let me introduce you to my party people in the floor!!"
that's not JLO's song , They are the  "tink- sissy sisters"!!
10yrs old adopted from Jersey shore animal shelter in Brick, NJ.  They are beautiful , healthy and smart 10yrs old Chihuahua, and mini-pincher. they Love treats , play and watch 'novelas' with us. They went to the vet on tue the 29th, and they passed with flying colors. I'm so grateful that they had a dental cleaning done before the adoption. I would love to participate in any event that tink, sissy can come and "be happy" (like the song).
Ibis & Jose.


Date Adopted: 4/26/2014 Blueberry

Blueberry is adjusting wonderfully to her new home. She is sweet, gentle, and loves to cuddle! The fact that she only has 3 legs does not stop her from doing anything. She runs, climbs, and chases her laser (courtesy of JSAC). She loves her greenies too! We really picked a winner. Blueberry found her forever home. 



Adopted Septemeber 2013 Zola (Lola)

Hi guys! I got adopted by a great family about 7 months ago and i've been having so much fun! My new family absolutely adores me and i'm really happy with them too. I get to go on hikes and play at the beach and I have a whole toy box full of my very own toys! My family wants me to tell everyone at JSAC how thankful they are for helping them find the perfect new addition to their family =)



Adopted: March 2014 Logan

The first time I laid eyes on this adorable baby dog i could not resist, I needed him as my pet. The day I adopted him was one of the happiest day of my life. Once I saw him run around I was amazed. He was the fastest dog i've ever seen! That's when I decided to name him Lightning because he was as fast as Lightning. I could tell it was the perfect name for him. I hope i have an amazingly happy life with him. And I will.



Adopted: March 2014 Puzzle


Adopted: March 2014

Just wanted to reach out and thank you for allowing my parents to adopt Phoebe approx 2 weeks ago from the shelter.  We traveled from Clifton and brought Phoebe home the same day. She has brought sunshine to my parents home and my mom just adores her. She has definitely found herself a good home. She sleeps on the bed, looks out the siding glass door and plays with toys, she made herself right at home. Thanks again from me and my parents, Hanna Masse & Eugenia 


Adopted: March 2014
Hi, j
ust an update on Sampson.

What a great dog! So loving & friendly, & great with our kids.  ( He follows my wife around like her shadow )

He has had his check-up with the vet... All ok! Thursday was his first obedience training, it went very well. 

It took a few weeks, now he really knows this is his home. Did you know he chases squirrels? Yep, he is strong. I’m most likely going to need rotator cuff surgery from him pulling my arm socket out... Ha just kidding. We did get him a harness & it really helped in walking him, plus he likes it better. 

Anyway, Thanks again. We’ll keep in touch.  


Adopted: March 2014 Jackson Brown (Taz)

 Jackson Brown, his new name, is doing very well.  He is so happy in his new home.  Jackson or should I say my shadow follows me everywhere and cries when I leave the house.  He is just so loving and a good boy.  I am thrilled that we found each other. I took him to the vet yesterday and she said that his ears look very good and that I should finish up the meds. Here are two pictures of him on his  first morning.



 Adopted: January 2012 Lori

I adopted Lori in January 2012. I wasn't planning on adopting that day, but when I saw her face, I could not resist. She is the sweetest dog ever. I am so lucky to have found a dog who is perfect for me. She is still very afraid of men, but I am convinced one day, she will conquer her fears! I could not have asked for a better best friend!

Adopted: March 2014 Kipp

Kipp is phenomenal, he has a great personality and has made himself right at home. He is very playful, loves his toys, and yet he is very comfortable and cuddly. I am so happy to have him and I hope more people adopt the beautiful cats and dogs from Jersey Shore Animal Center. Thanks so much to the staff. Kipp has a new home!!!! John and Kipp


 Adopted: 4/2012 Stella

Our crazy upside down puppy just wanted to drop by and say hi!! Stella is doing great and we couldn't have asked for a more loving and loyal dog. Thank you JSAC for our little girl!! 

 Adopted: 2/4/2012 Betty Boots

Boots is a great dog and a member of our family. She loves walks to the parks. Best friends with our kids. We could not of asked for a better friend. 

 Adopted: 3/6/2014 Sampson

Sampson had a very good day yesterday. He seemed to fit in right away. Our kids played with him for hours. By 10Pm he was out cold. slept like baby till morning. He is a very happy dog & a great addition to our family. Thanks very much. We will keep in touch! 

Adopted: 8/30/2013  Kwalei (Kiki)

Hi my name is Kwalei, although you may remember me as Kiki. I was adopted from JSAC by my new family on August 30th 2013 and I love my new home! I’m learning to be a good doggie in obedience classes and I might even get to try some agility and maybe be a therapy dog and get to make people smile! My best friend is a puppy named Huck. We've had many adventures already – hiking, the beach, and LOTS of play dates! Thank you so much to the staff and volunteers for rescuing me, bringing me to JSAC, and giving me the chance to meet my new family. They also wanted me to tell you thank you. They had lost a very special dog to cancer about a month before they adopted me. They tell me I’m helping them heal (see I’m already practicing to be a therapy dog!) and that they love me very much. I’m a very lucky doggie! Thank you for all you do to help other dogs like me find their forever homes! 



On February 12th I brought Harry into my family.  I am completely and totally in love with this boy. I was looking for a female cat but something about him convinced me he was my cat. He is wonderful.  I cannot imagine why he spent all that time in the shelter.
He adjusted completely in less than a week.  He eats well, learned immediately to drink from his fountain, had no issue with the litter box and even comes when called. He immediately connected with his big brother, Spirit, who is a Golden/Setter mix and not small.  They nuzzle each other anytime they see each other.  Harry is very playful and has brought many laughs already.  He often runs across the room to hop on my lap, cuddle and purr.
Thank you so much for caring for this great little boy until I managed to find him!  He is purrrrfect.
- Pat 


Adopted 1997 Lexi


 Thank you. Its sounds strange but she is the first animal that I have felt like there was a connection. I remember walking into the backroom of the BRICK Animal Shelter where the kittens were. I had a hard time deciding until I was about to walk out I heard the attendant ask for help. I turned around and Lexi had her head caught between the bars of the cage she was in. I told my wife, She's the one! The attendant said, she obviously wanted to get out. I held her in front of me and she didn't meow but sniffed and wanted to snuggle. For what it is worth, my prayers go out to your animals. SEE HER IN THE BED WITH A HEATING PAD. We were living South Belmar at the time. she used to sit on the front porch for hours just staring out over Lake Como at the ducks and birds. She loved cold weather.


R.I.P Rosie

We adopted Rosie in April of 2000 from the Jersey Shore Animal Center, after she had been run over by a car and left for dead by the side of the road. Her spine was broken, but through sheer will and determination she learned to walk again, albeit with a noticeable limp. She never regained full strength in her hindquarters, but it didn't slow down her resolve not to live a dog's life. Refusing to use her doggie-wheel-chair, she maintained an "I can do it by myself!" attitude and kept her sense of independence over the next 12 years. Cancer finally took my pound-puppy-pitbull-mix down in August of 2012, but not without a fight. She was a beautiful girl with a mild mannered temperament; the only aggression she ever displayed was used to overcome the difficult hurdles that life had thrown in her path. She was an inspiration to all who met her.


Thank you so much Jersey Shore Animal Center for bringing this adorable, tenacious, loving little girl into our lives! We will always remember her fondly.


Michele and Bill Hampel

Adopted: Jan 15 2014 Scout (Jax)

Hey everyone! I just wanted to share that Jax (aka Scout) is loving his new home. The moment I scooped him up and put him in my jeep I knew he would forever be my little shadow! "It's just the most amazing thing to love a dog, isn't it? It makes our relationships with people seem as boring as a bowl of oatmeal." -John Grogan ...Jax is crazy about having a huge yard to run around in, and a full size bed to curl up in at night. Oh, and there's no question of who saved who, he saved me! :) 

Madison and Jax (Lil Steve)


Adopted: Jan 2014 Sadie (Natasha)

 Hi Everyone!

  Jerry and I just wanted to give you an update as to how Sadie (aka Natasha) is doing. She seems to love her new home and family/pack. Sadie has been doing great with potty training. Since taking her home Friday, she has been going potty outside in her new backyard, which she loves to run around and follow the other pups. After running around the house (getting all her puppy energy out) and playing with all her toys, she cuddles right up on the couch with all of us. We have her first vet appointment on Wednesday to make sure all is well.  Thanks again for giving us the opportunity to give Sadie a loving and forever home :)

 Ps- We also attached some pics for you of Sadie's first couple days at home. 


Adopted Jan 2014: Breeze (Mitzi)


Just wanted to say thanks again and let you all know Mitzi is doing great !!! She is fine with my cat, adores my kids, is an awesome rider and goes everywhere with me, and has slept through both nights. She is an absolute love and we 're thrilled to have her. She and Boz are completely fine together too. She's definitely the alpha but he couldn't care less! We named her Breeze since she didn't respond much to Mitzi. Thanks! 


Adopted Jan 2014: Lily (Laverne)

Hello! I just wanted to up-date you on how Laverne is doing. I renamed her Lily and I am 100% in LOVE with her. She is so sweet and loves to cuddle. I knew when she started purring that she was the one and I cannot imagine my life without her! She hates when I am on my iPad or phone, only because it means that I am not paying attention to her lol. She loves nuzzling up to me at night and sleeps on my stomach when I go to sleep. Lily loves her cat tree so much that I am buying another one! She is getting used to my dogs and loves playfully batting my chihuahua in the head! She went to the vet last night and had a clean bill of health! Once she was in there she even started purring! I will attach some pictures! Thanks so much for letting my adopt this special kitty... She is loved so much! Annie and Lily 

Adopted Jan 2014: Greta (Alice)


I just wanted to send you some pictures of Alice (now Greta) from her first couple days with my parents. We were so excited to meet her! I got a couple cute ones while over there (one with my son, their grandson?she loves him!) and thought you?d like to see them!  She is a lovely little dog and already made herself a part of the family.  My parents are in love and she is in love with them already.  My mom says she follows my dad around the house all day :)  Thank you for giving her a place to stay until she found my parents and her forever home.  She will be loved for life.

Best wishes,
Mary Beth


 Adopted: 12/28/2013 December

December spent a lot of time exploring her new home, both inside and outside on her first day. She watched TV with her new dad and mom, not quite understanding where the dog that was barking was. Thanks so much to the JSAC staff for taking such good care of her and nursing her back to health. She misses you but is so happy to find her forever home!! She is well behaved and very lovable!! We are so glad we found her!! Susan and Vinnie Loveland


 Adopted: 12/14/2008  Oliver

One fateful night in December of 2008 on the way home from dinner, we decided to make a quick stop at the Jersey Shore Animal Center on a whim. We had never been there before, and we ended up taking a tour. That’s where we found Oliver, who had just been dropped off that day. As soon as we saw this shy little dog, we knew he was meant to join our family – we already had a schnauzer named Otto that looked just like him! After a painfully long week of waiting for him to be neutered, he finally came to join us on December 14, 2008. It took Oliver quite some time to break out of his shell. He came to us shy and timid – but he is a different dog today! We finally got to know the real Oliver, and he is sweet, gentle, loving, affectionate, playful and hilarious! He absolutely loves his brother Otto, and he also loves spending time with his Chihuahua cousins Bambam and Lucy. His favorite hobbies include sleeping bundled up in more blankets than is necessary for one dog, chasing squirrels with Otto and Lucy, and cuddling with us every single day. We cannot imagine our lives without Oliver, and we are so thankful to JSAC for bringing such great joy to us. He was our greatest Christmas present! (Oliver is the "devil" in the picture attached, and Otto is the "angel"!) 

 Adopted: 10/28/2013 Clarissa

After seeing Clarissa's picture and reading her bio I knew I had to adopt her. After hearing you accepted my app I was so thrilled and couldn't wait to take her home. Her picture doesn't do her justice she's just lovey and sweet girl. She fits in our hous like she belongs with us. 



As you can see, Daisy a/k/a Faith, is growing and doing well.. she is very  playful and loves her walks and running in the back yard...afterwhich, she needs a nap :)  Thank you for all the great work you do in rescuing these animals!


Adopted: 10/14/2013 Dakota (Tiny)

(Tiny) now Dakota joins her other adopted Brother Zayden,Blaze and Chloe....she may be the littlest but she is a character and is a welcome addition!!! So glad she came home with us. Jody and Roger

 Adopted: 6/16/2013 Laynee (Jerzie) 

High Energy with a heart of Gold describes Laynee perfectly. She can be a bit spiteful and a handful, but one look into those eyes and she melts your heart. She loves to lay in her bed and bathe in the sun. She loves her big brother Leo and he has been slowly but surely adjusting to her wild personality. The frequently sit together chewing their bones and love to wrestle each night before settling down to sleep. She loves to play with her toys, our cats, Dexter and Delphinium and most of all Leo! She is a total snuggle bug and loves to keep your lap warm. Wherever we are she wants to be... We are so happy she joined our family!! 


Adopted: 8/9/2013 Cassie

Cassie came home with me on a Friday afternoon in early August. Of course, I didn't know how she would initially react to her new surroundings. Rather than confine her to one room, I opened her carrier and released her to roam freely throughout the house. I led her to her litter box, and then to her food and water bowls. She was quite inquisitive but not at all fearful. Within two hours, she had successfully used her litter box, filled her tummy with food, and snuggled up to a pillow on the couch to sleep. In one month, Cassie has become my new best friend. She may only be six pounds, but she's a super companion with a super personality. We play together and cuddle often. We're even learning each other's language. Thank you, JSAC, for a happy ending. You have made it possible for my Cassie to find her new 'furever' home with me.



The calico is Cara.

Adopted August 2013 Ezmeralda

Ezmeralda was living at the shelter for about a 1 1/2 years. She is such a beautiful cat that I just couldn't believe she wasn't adopted sooner. On the day I took her home she was terrified and meowed and clawed at her carrying case all the way home... Once home she seemed to immediately take to her new home with exploring every nook and cranny. From rolling in her own litter box to making her bed her own. Ezmeralda is slowly warming up to me as she allows me to pet her and she will walk across me to lay at my feet when siting on the couch. In time I think she will cuddle. She purrs a lot and she is happy. She is such a pleasure to have at home.. and its a nice to have her come running when I return home from work to greet and meet me with an Hello. She is a hearty eater. The trip to the vet has given her a clean bill of health and she is at her ideal weight. Ezmeralda has found her forever home.


Adopted August 2013 Biggie Smalls (Mr,Toad)

I cannot begin to express the gratitude I have to Hollow Creek Farm ( for coordinating Mr.Toad's -- now known as Biggie Smalls (to be called Biggie) -- journey to Florida.  And, I am equally thankful to Jersey Shore Animal Center ( for "saving him" for me and allowing him to travel from the great Garden State of NJ back to South Carolina; and, eventually, to Florida.

As I type this note with tears of happiness, I have an enormous place in my heart to those who drove him from NJ to SC (I understand Toad/Biggie rode shotgun the entire way); to those who flew him from SC to GA; and, to George and Diane who flew him from GA to Florida this morning.  Biggie is snoring under my feet while Cece snoozes in the window ... I guess today's journey, and making new friends, has everyone pooped!

Biggie's journey to Florida began back in April (even though we didn't know it at the time), after my dear dear Opie made his way to Rainbow Bridge.   Opie is, once again, happy and healthy as he runs around the lush green meadows with Daisy and Samson (and feline "frenemy," Jezabelle); but, I do miss him -- very much -- every day.  I met Biggie, then known as Mr. Toad, while making a donation at the Jersey Shore Animal Center after Opie died.  At that time, I had taken a new position within my company, Lenovo, to relocate to Florida ... yet hadn't determined exactly when I would move to the Sunshine State. 

The day came -- Cece and I drove to Florida over the July 4th holiday weekend -- but while I was finalizing the contract on my "forever home," the "foster home" I was staying in was breed restricted .... meaning, no Pit Bulls. (I could go on and on about breed restrictions, but this is not the venue for that discussion). So, for the month of July, Cece and I hung out in our "foster home" in North Tampa while I went through the process of buying our "forever home" in St. Petersburg, FL. I am so thankful Cece was with me as buying a house is exciting, aggravating and emotional ... all at the same time.  She kept me grounded with her kisses and tail wagging; and, helped me drop a few pounds during our humid Florida evening walks :o)

July 30th:  We closed on our "forever home" in St. Pete! 
August 1st:  We moved into our "forever home" in St. Pete!!
August 25:  We picked up Mr. Toad -- Biggie Smalls -- at a lovely small airport, Albert Whitted Airport (, in downtown St. Peterburg!!!

I had only met Mr. Toad / Biggie Smalls once (back in April); but, Cece and he had met a few times thanks to my wonderful friend (and pet sitter and vet tech), Nikki.  They were excited to see each other today; and, I knew I made the right choice in welcoming Biggie Smalls to his new "forever home" in Florida.  They did great in the car, although Biggie was relegated to the back seat (Cece rode shotgun); and, as soon as I let them out of the car at the house, Biggie raced Cece to the front door ... off leash!

Biggie investigated the entire house -- downstairs and upstairs -- twice; and, then the backyard.  He was so excited, his tail was wagging the whole time ... which is the first time I will have two dogs that each have a tail :o) :o)  He had his first meal in his "forever home;" and, unlike Cece who inhales her food, he is very gentlemanly while he eats.  (I need for him to teach Cece some "eating manners" as not only does she inhale her food, she is sloppy eater ... crumbs EVERYWHERE!) :o) 

We then went for our first walk as a family.  We saw Mike and Rocky --  a very tall Boxer -- along the way; and, boy oh boy, Biggie is STRONG!  He packs a lot of strength in his little body.  They investigated each other a bit; and, then we went our separate ways.  A good boy, he peed -- and marked a few other things along the way -- and pooped!!  Then we went in the back yard again ... and, Biggie got wet.  Why?  He fell into the pool!  He went all the way under ... scrambled a bit ... but was able to pull himself out even though I was right there to lend a helping hand.  I couldn't help but laugh.  It reminded me of when Cece fell into the pool (in NJ) last year when I had it opened.  At least he didn't fall in twice ... like Cece did :o)

So, as I continue to unpack box after box after box to make our "forever home" homey, fun and wecloming to family, friends and furry friends, I am thankful that Biggie Smalls will be part of my new personal and professional adventures in Florida.  Cece is thrilled to have a new "brother" and playmate; and, I am thrilled for her.  I hope, one day, you can all visit me in my new "forever home" in St. Petersburg; and, meet my furry family -- Cece and Biggie.  In case you can't make the trip, attached are a few pictures, so you can meet them "virtually." 

I close out this note with people hugs and kisses; and, doggie kisses and tail wags - Jennifer

 XO xoxo



Adopted October 2007 Scooter (Curly)

I adopted Scooter almost 6 years ago and it was one of the best decisions of my life. This fluff ball has already given me so many memories! Every day I come home he runs to the door to greet me hello, and every night he sleeps by my feet. Scooter is a happy and healthy cat who loves watching birds from his special window seat. He also will only drink from the bathroom faucet..what a nut! Thanks for bringing such a doll into my home!!


Adopted: July 2013 Bungee (Dilly)



Adopted: June 2013 Lily (Lady)

I adopted Lily, formerly known as Lady, from JSAC about a month ago. It had only been a few weeks after my loyal companion/cocker spaniel of thirteen years, Sly, met his unfortunate end and I lost my best friend. For anyone who has ever loved and lost a dog, you can only imagine the heartache and devastation I felt after my fur child was gone. But the second I saw Lily (Lady) my heart melted. Three days later and I was signing the adoption papers and taking her home! She has given me so much joy in a time where I've felt so much sadness, and has helped my heart to heal from the loss of my pal Sly. Words cannot describe how wonderful she is; she's the sweetest girl ever, all of my friends and family absolutely adore her, and I am in puppy love all over again. She sleeps by my side every single night and I genuinely enjoy treating her like the little princess she is. I cannot thank JSAC enough for Lily (Lady), she truly is such a blessing and I am so happy to have given her a forever home!

Adopted : July 2012 Lily

We are sooo happy we adopted Lily she loves her brother Eli. Here's a great pictures of them running in the snow. Thank you again Donna 


Adopted: January 2013 Chloe

I just want to thank you for Chloe. She fit right in my home. She walked into my house as if she had always been there. She is my shadow and follows me everywhere. Chloe loves to sit in the sun by the door and is enjoying her second chance in her new home. Chloe has warmed my heart and my families as well. Chloe is in her forever home. 



Adopted: June 2013 Gizmo

Hello all!  On June 23, 2013, my husband and I were fortunate enough to adopt Gizmo.  In less than 3 short weeks, he has stolen his way into our hearts.  

We can't imagine when he wasn't a part of our family.  He is a doll and it's obvious that he was treated with love and care while with you at Jersey Shore Animal Shelter.  Thank you so much for letting him become a part of our family.  He's THE BEST!!!!! 

Sincerely, The Neary Family

 Adopted: Jan 2002 Chloe (Babs)

We adopted Chloe in 2002. She fit right in with our other two cats and cockapoo. Ten years later they all sleep together and play together. Chloe is the most amazingly sweet cat I have ever had. We had gong looking for a kitten and found her in the adult cat room. She had been there for months. I have decided she was waiting for us! I cannot tell you the joy and love she brings to our lives every day. As long as you are holding her, snuggling with her or petting her she is happy. Thank you taking such great care of her, and for such an amazing gift! Cindy Meldrum

  Aopted Feb 2013 Brew (Bruiser)

We adopted Bruiser into our family a little over a year after loosing our beloved Dude to cancer who was also a JSAC adoptee. Brew is a pleasure, a goofball and a love!! He fits in so well with his rat terrier brother (Beau) who is also a JSAC adoptee and sister (Sadie). He brings us such joy and many laughs with his antics!! He's now a basic obedience graduate of Kindred Souls and when he calms down a bit (still very much a puppy) he will be continuing his education to become a canine good citizen and possibly get him involved in agility. He enjoys his walks around the Brick Resevior and loves to tackle his brother and follows his "big" sister around learning the ways of the pack! Thank you JSAC for introducing Brew to us he's a wonderful addition to our fur family!! 


 Adopted May 2012 & May 2013 Shelby & Flip (Schmoocher & Ryder)

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to let you know how both Shelby and Ryder are doing since they were adopted. Shelby fit right into our home as soon as we brought her in. She is the cutest little snuggle bug you will ever meet! She warmed up very quickly and is so sweet. She loves to cuddle and get as close to you as she can. One year later, we felt that Shelby needed a brother so we also adopted Ryder from your facility. Ryder is still a puppy and has a lot of growing to do! He is super playful and loving and already knows how to sit, lie down, and give paw. The two have become best friends and we could not have asked for better dogs. They do everything together! They love to chase each other around all day and play with all of their toys. These two are the most amazing dogs and bring a smile to our faces every day. . Thank you JSAC for all that you do! =)

From, Sarah and TJ

 Adopted May 2013 King


On May 16th 2013 we had to give my dog Cosmo to God. He was very cared and loved for, my family and I lost a great part of our family that day I let him outside with our other dog Abbey for a little while before I had to go to work. I called Abbey and Cosmo to come in but Cosmo didn't get up he was back side of the house and I picked him up and tried to see if he would walk, which he couldn't and would just fall, then I picked him up again brought him inside and the same thing. My father and I were so upset because I knew it was time. So then I called into work and told them that I had to take my dog to the vet and I won't be in I could hardly get those words out he was everything to us so then we put him in the car and we headed to the vet we got to the vet and they took us in right away to a room all the way in the back and we said our goodbyes, then well you know the rest he will always be in our thoughts and hearts.

Abbey our yellow Labrador Retriever missed him too.  3 weeks ago I took a ride to the bank and I heard across the street at Jersey Shore Animal Center, all the dogs barking and playing and I always wanted to go there and check it out, not thinking that I would adopt anyone but I get out of the truck and go in and there is a man there John I asked him if he does the tour and he said “Yes you sign in and I will take you on a tour for the dogs.” I said okay and we went back and he explained their histories and backgrounds stories to me and showed me around crate by crate these beautiful dogs so well taken care of and loved I saw just about all the dogs and I look to my left and there he was, King he was a stud. Our eyes locked for a minute I fell in love with him what a handsome boy I had to have him .John and I walked up front and gave me an application he said to fill it out and let the board look it over you can meet the dog if you get approved I filled it out and the only thing I left out was my dad's dog Abby's vets name and number and history. Let me say that you guys over there at the shelter are very good and that is very good for business and you're looking out for your babies and do not want them leaving with some sicko.

Well back to what I was saying that I got the info faxed it back to the lady from jersey shore  she then called me back and said that I was approved for an interview with King and me to bring my father and Abbey along so everyone could meet. We set it up for Thursday May 30th 2013, my new favorite day, I arrived first 2 meet up with King and dad followed with Abbey, the two wonderful girls who work there took us for a walk with Abbey and King round the property. The two girls were very professional and the interview went well the two dogs got along I was then approved to adopt King and it was a go for me and Dad the staff was very sad to see him go that's because they did take very good care and love their animals. King is living proof of that. I was then about to leave with King but couldn't leave without saying goodbye to his good buddy Jimmy. Then I took King to the truck and he was on his way to his new home and life I am very proud of all the staff and volunteers at the Jersey Shore Animal Center they have loved cared and trained King into a true companion I would like to thank you all King is a dog with a lot of character, love and affection he is so important and a blessing to this family even though goofy and a snuggle bug King loves his walks around the neighborhood and his running around with Abby in the back yard playing with his football and jumping into his pool, King loves his  Lounge chair, he's like a person. King went to his vet the other day to get a checkup and paperwork established and all checked out great they said that he is very handsome and well trained thank you again Jersey Shore Animal Center hope to see you soon    


Sincerely Chris


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