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Q: Why are you only open to see the animals from 1-4?
A: The JSAC staff must take care of all of the animals in our shelter every day. Cages must be cleaned, animals must be fed, medications administered ( if required) and the offices, lobby areas and bathrooms must be ready for visits from the public. After 4:00 we only have two staff members in the building. They must perform their night duties readying the shelter for the morning as well as being available for animal control calls.
Q:  Are you a no kill facility?
A:  The JSAC is a no kill shelter for adoptable animals. We have no time limits for happy, healthy, well adjusted animals.
Q:  Do you have a vet on staff?
A:  No, we do not have a veterinarian on staff. We must take our animals to a local vet when needed.
Q:  Why does it cost so much to adopt a dog or cat?
A:  The JSAC provides a spay/neuter procedure prior to adoption (if old enough), vaccinates for rabies, give other age appropriate vaccinations, microchip & registration and sends you home with a new pet packet plus the time spent here before adoption.
Q: I need to get my pet spayed/neutered. Can you do it there?
A:  No, we are unable to perform spay/neuter procedures for the public at the moment.  We suggest you contact your vet, the Ocean County Board of Health to register for the next spay/neuter clinic or contact a low cost spay/neuter facility in your area.   
Q:  How often should I take my pet to the vet?
A:  The JSAC can only recommend that you see a vet a minimum of one time per year for a wellness exam and vaccinations.
Q:  Do you have any small dogs?
A:  Please inquire with the front desk as to the size of the animals currently in the shelter. Please follow our Animals for Adoption page. Our shelter population can change on any given day.
Q:  What kind of dogs do you have now?
A:  The JSAC normally has a variety of dogs for adoption. We are currently working with rescue organizations from other parts of the country and dogs of all types come in on a regular basis. Please follow our Animals for Adoption Page.
Q:  When will you be getting kittens in?
A:  “Kitten Season” is usually occurs in April and extends until September. However, we may get a few litters in before and/or after that time frame.
Q:  Do you declaw cats at the JSAC?
A:  Again, we do not have a vet of staff to perform such procedures. More so, the JSAC does not believe in declawing cats. Please call or visit your vet for information on declawing.
Q: What does the JSAC consider to be a dominant breed?
A:  We consider dominant breeds to be: Akita, Chow, Doberman, Pit Bull, German Shepherd, Rottweiller, Mastiff, Shar Pei, or mixes thereof.
Q:  Why can’t I go through the shelter by myself?
A:  Our insurance company requires that any member of the public be escorted through the shelter by an employee or trained volunteer.
Q:  Why can’t I put my fingers in the cage or pet the animals?
A:  The animals do not know you and may react in an unfavorable manner. You are in their space. This is for safety purposes for yourself and the animal. If an animal were to bite or scratch a human, that animal now must be on a 10 day Q. That is 10 days this animal is not available for adoption.
Q:  Does it cost anything to fill out an application?
A:  There is no cost or obligation when filling out an application for adoption.
Q:  Am I guaranteed an animal if I fill out an application?
A:  There is no guarantee that if you fill out and submit an application you will be permitted to adopt or the animal of your choice.
Q:  If I fill out an application will you hold the animal for me?
A:  The JSAC does not hold animals for anyone.
Q:  If I fill out an application does that mean I HAVE to adopt from the JSAC?
A:  There is no obligation on your part to adopt from the JSAC if you submit an application.
Q:  If I am looking for a certain breed when will I know when it comes in?
A:  We recommend you visit our Animals for Adoption page frequently. We update the site at least once per week. You can also call for information. If your application has been approved, your application will go into a pre-approved folder and we will contact you if a animal of your choice comes in, within a 6 month time frame.
Q:  I have a raccoon/squirrel/wildlife in my attic or basement. What do I do?
A:  You must call a wildlife removal service. The JSAC is not licensed to remove wildlife.
Q:  Why is there a $60 charge to get a Have A Heart trap?
A:  The $60 is refundable upon the return of the trap. This represents the cost to replace a non-returned trap.
Q:  Why can’t I just walk in and surrender a pet?
A:  We request that you call in advance for an appointment. There are times when we do not have a kennel or cage available. 
Q: Who can adopt from the JSAC?
A: The Jersey Shore Animal Center is dedicated to placing our animals in their forever homes through our adoption process. Due to our lifelong return policy we prefer to adopt our pets locally and as long as you have an approved application.
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This is Nena, one of our new residents. She was surrendered by her owners. Sadly, this poor girl was not treated well at all and it shows physically and emotionally.
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